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You may wonder when it comes to general car servicing, what is a good service experience? Is it a warm feeling when you first walk in the door and see a well-kept office? Is it friendly knowledgeable staff who take the time to get to know you & your car? Is it nice to know we offer you a lift back to work in the Cairns City? Is it our modern facilities? And that’s just the part you see. At SVS Auto Repairs and Dyno tuning, we give you all of this and so much more.



At SVS Auto Repairs Cairns we pride ourselves on our ability as motor mechanics and our diversity. We are a one stop shop for everything mechanical and here are just some of the services we can provide in house.

General Service and Maintenance:

-          All manufactures log book servicing

-          SVS service will not void your new car warranty

-          General Servicing and repairs of all makes & models including 4x4 vehicles.

-          Regular safety checks

-          Pre purchase inspections that could save you thousands.

-          SVS can organise an RWC for the sale of your car or rego transfer

-          Battery & charging system analysis, repairs or replacement

Brake Service:

-          SVS carry out all brake services in house

-          Our equipment includes Ammco Disc and Drum lathe for all types of rotor and drum machining.  We have many years’ experience with brake systems

-          All Calliper overhauls including replacement of pistons if required, in house.

-          Brake hydraulic system flushing and bleeding

-          Brake upgrades are a specialty, including converting from drum to disc systems.

Clutch Service:

-          Replacement clutch systems in all motor cars and 4x4s

-          NPC upgraded clutch systems

-          Clutch flywheel machining and upgrades. Just ask.

-          Clutch hydraulic system bleeding

Exhaust system repairs:

-          We can repair or modify any exhaust system

-          Supply new exhaust systems

-          Fabricate custom exhaust systems

-          Replace problematic DPF systems and correctly diagnose issues

-          Replace factory catalytic converters and correctly diagnose issues

Tyres, Suspension & Steering

-          Wheel alignments and balancing

-          All suspension repairs and maintenance

-          Power steering system service and repairs

-          New tyres, wheel & tyre packages


Cooling System Services

-          Coolant testing with every car service

-          Cooling system pressure testing

-          Cooling system flush, clean and bleeds

-          Radiator service or replacement

-          Water pumps and thermostat replacements


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