SVS Auto Repairs Cairns can competently complete all aspects of general Vehicle servicing. This includes all makes and models; domestic, european and imports. We also offer pick up and drop off services in the Cairns CBD to make your car servicing easier.

Each and every car that gets a service in our workshop undergoes the following safety and component checks. This is the SVS Auto Repairs Cairns difference. Our mechanics have a huge range of experience and can compotently complete all repairs in house.

  • The car gets a full exterior inspection and any damage reported.
  • We record the odometer of the car and all specifics of the car (Vin, Rego, Build Date, Colour, Transmission Info, etc)
  • All lights are checked including accessory lights.
  • All batteries including accessory batteries are tested and alternator charge and charge rate on dc/dc chargers or isolators are checked.
  • Check condition of wiperblades and change if required.
  • Check condition of all driveline fluids - Front & Rear diff oils, Transmission / Gearbox oil, Brake and Clutch fluids, Coolant quality.
  • Cooling system checked for leaks and pressure tested if required.
  • Power steering system checked
  • All Brake components checked including removal of rear drums and adjusted as required.
  • Handbrake adjusted if required
  • All drive belts are checked for cracks and wear.
  • Timing belt history checked and advised on.
  • All door hings are lubed.
  • All windows are checked for operation.
  • All suspension components are checked.
  • All wheel bearings are checked.
  • All filters, Air, Cabin and Fuel filter including secondary filter if fitted are checekd and reported on.
  • Tyres are checked and rotated if required including spare tyre. Tyre pressures are adjusted if required.
  • Spark plugs checked
  • If check light is on dash - fault codes are scanned and reported.
  • Engine is degreased.
  • All cars washed on exterior including wheels & tyres and washer fluid topped up.

If you are looking for a Mechanic in Cairns to go that extra mile please give us a call on 0740410201 or send an email to email/info)(


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